How I Increased my Upwork Profile Views by 550%, Got 8 Job Invitations and Landed to 2 New Contracts in 4 Days?

How I Increased my Upwork Profile Views by 550%, Got 8 Job Invitations and Landed to 2 New Contracts in 4 Days?

In the previous article, I have mentioned the importance of optimizing your Upwork profile by testing the variables like your rate, overview, title, etc.

I have also created a testing template for your convenience. In case you missed it, just drop your email address below to get the link straight to your inbox.



It’s been 4 days when I started optimizing my profile. My main objective is to show to you if this strategy works. And if it’s working on my end, there is no reason why it will not work at yours.

What Variable Did I Test?

I started testing my Overview by adding 3 relevant long tail keywords. If you don’t know to find the right keywords that are appropriate for your skill, feel free to visit the previous article.

A Glimpse to my Upwork Profile

The test is good for one week. I started it last July 31st and will end this August 7th. There are 3 more days to go however, the result is so good that I can’t keep myself from sharing this with you.

Last week, my profile views are very low. But a day after performing the test, I immediately got a 50% increase in profile views.

But on the second day, things started to unfold. My Upwork profile got a 150% increase in views compared to last week’s.

upwork profile view

However, on day 3 this number went up to 250%.

upwork profile views

But on day 4, total number of views reached as high as 11 which is 550% times than the numbers in the previous week.

upwork profile views

And more good news!

But here’s the most exciting part.

Within a span of 4 days, I was able to generate 11 profile views. (Not bad, for there are tens of thousands of other Upwork profiles today.) And out of these 11 views, I received 8 job invites and out of 8 job invites, I was hired to 2 new contracts.

upwork profile


Optimizing my Overview statement in my Upwork profile has brought me a lot of wonders this week. It has validated my hypothesis that adding relevant keywords in the profile will increase the chances that my Upwork profile will be viewed.

And it did.

Not only a few percent but a whopping 550% increase in profile views in just 4 days! And because of that, I was invited 8 times and landed to new job contracts.

Start doing your optimization test to your Upwork profile today, and see it yourself.

Happy freelancing!


  • Frustrated User
    August 7, 2017

    Nothing in the template just ebay codes. What a crap.

    • admin
      August 7, 2017

      Hello, I am sorry, somebody has messed up the file last night. He’s copy-pasting that crappy info to the file. Please try it again this time. I have already updated it. Or if you want, please email me so I can send you the file personally. Thank you so much of your patience.

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